In praise of my Lord Satan

O Satan, my Lord, where has my life been without you, for all these long years? Yet many long years ahead, and you tell me, not to worry about what has been, but only about what will come to be. What has been, has been, and that not even Satan himself can change; but what shall be, is as yet still within our power; and Satan is willing to assist us.

Who gives a shit what others think? Follow my own heart, wherever it may lead me. Those who share with me what is in my heart, I will share with them my journey; for those whose hearts lead them elsewhere from where mine leads me, all the best, maybe we shall meet again someday.

Satan is a very generous God. He is better than jealousy – if you want jealousy, there are worthless, deluded, lesser gods, such as the Christian god, who are more than happy to supply you with all the jealousy you want, and even more some. But Satan is better than jealousy. He doesn’t need you – he’s happy to have you aboard his plans, for as long as you are willing.


Killing your enemy

I believe in some cases it is permissible to kill your enemy. I think this is the case if they have done something very extreme to wrong you. Suppose someone murders members of your family. Would it be wrong for you to kill such a person? I struggle to say that it would be. Of course, you have to weigh up the likely consequences – the risk of getting caught, the likely penalties if one is – but if a person in that situation said, the revenge is worth the penalty – who am I to disagree?

What about breaking the law? So what. The important point is to make an objective judgement about the risk of getting caught, and the likely consequences if one is caught, and to weigh up that risk against the potential benefit. Someone offers you a joint; should you smoke it? Oh, it’s illegal! Well, are you likely to get caught? And what is going to happen to you if you are caught? Well, a friend of mine offered me a joint, and I’d never tried it before, so I said, Yeah, thanks. The odds that I would get caught were very low; even if the cops burst in the door that very minute, the odds they’d prosecute me for just smoking a joint are pretty low. (I know what the law is, and how it is enforced, where I live – cops around here don’t charge first timers for simply smoking a joint, it’s policy; where you live, the rules might be different). On the plus side, I’d never smoked one before, and wanted to know what it was like, so I tried it. But, in different circumstances, I might have made a different decision. So know what the law is and how it is enforced and how likely you are to get caught.

Don’t become a fool like Wesley Snipes. He listened to some guy who told him, “I found the magical legal loophole to get out of paying tax, trust me, it works!” This guy was not a tax lawyer. If Snipes had gone to a decent tax lawyer, he would have found out this guy was full of bullshit. Snipes ends up in prison. So don’t make the same mistake – if you want to know how the law is enforced in practice, turn to serious and respectable sources, not whacky conspiracy theorists or snake oil merchants. Have any lawyer friends? Ask them. Cops are also useful sources of information, although be careful what you choose to discuss with them. Find out how the law works from people who have first hand experience with it.

When it comes to the family member of the innocent victim taking revenge on the perpetrator – even if people say it is wrong, the fact is, deep down inside they will sympathise. And, even though the person who takes this revenge will if caught be convicted and punished, being viewed so much more sympathetically, the punishment they will receive will be lessened.

But then you get those psychos who think that killing others is justifiable when they’ve done something a lot more minor. There are people out there who will kill a person if they look at them the wrong way. There is nothing Satanic about that; that’s just being a psycho. And the average person will see that person for the psycho they are, and they will get a much heavier penalty.

What about the death penalty? I’m much more comfortable with revenge carried out by private individuals, than by the state. Giving the state too much power is a dangerous thing; inevitably, death penalty or no, the state has a lot of power over life and death (due to having a military, having a police force), but I would rather it have as little power over that as possible.

Satanism and neo-Nazis

Inspired by Diane Vera’s call that every Satanist do this, I am going to post on the topic of neo-Nazis in Satanism. The vast majority of Satanists are not neo-Nazis and want nothing to do with neo-Nazism. I’m not going to say that “Nazis aren’t true Satanists”, because I don’t believe there is any authority with the right to decide who is and isn’t a Satanist, and nor should there be.

But I believe that Satan will accept as a follower anyone who truly wishes to follow Satan. If someone is non-white, or of Jewish background, or LGBT, will Satan say “No, I don’t want you”? I don’t believe so. Satan wants everyone. Satan has a use for everyone, so long as that person is willing to do what it takes. But Nazis will say, non-whites, Jews, LGBT people, we don’t want you. I don’t think that is Satanic. But this is the problem with neo-Nazis – their lack of imagination, their clinging to prejudice and fear, ends up limiting themselves. Satan wants us to live life without any unnecessary limitations.

Suppose a Jewish businessman comes to you proposing a partnership. This partnership could be financially very advantageous. What would Satan want you to do? Of course, perform due diligence – is this person trustworthy, reliable, skilled? But that evaluation should be performed using objective reason, not reason distorted with prejudice. The Nazi would say no, simply because the businessman was Jewish – “Jews can’t be trusted” – and thus potentially lose out on all the personal benefit which could accrue to them as a result. Satan wants us to pursue all opportunities, to the best of our ability, that we achieve the best possible outcomes for ourselves.

Satan wants us to be rich, to be successful, to be healthy, to be popular, to be wise… he doesn’t promise us any of these things, but he wants us to strive for these things to the best of our ability. If you invite his demons into your soul, he will help you defeat those inner forces which stand in the way of achieving your full potential.

I believe that a person could be both a neo-Nazi and a Satanist – but I believe that if they are truly open to Satan in their heart, he will lead them to renounce Nazism, sooner or later.

Satan is my God

I declare Satan to be my God. “Satan is God! Satan is God!”, I repeat in my heart. Let me talk about what this means.

As I have already mentioned, to me, a “god” is just a lead spirit of a spirit tribe. “God” is just a “god” one has decided to capitalise – a sign of the importance of that god to yourself. There are many gods, just as there are many spirit tribes – and I would not say that every spirit tribe has only one leading lead spirit either. Everyone is free to follow as many or as few gods as they choose.

For me, as of today, I have only one God – Satan. He is not the only god – but he is the only God for me. Why? I don’t believe he is jealous – unlike the Christian god, if you decide to follow someone else, he won’t throw a tantrum. But I feel that at the moment, I will derive the greatest spiritual benefit by having no other god than Satan. I reserve the right to change my mind about this in the future, and I do not believe that Satan is going to get angry or jealous if I decide to add another god, or even to replace him. Satan is looking for allies, for students; but if you decide to go elsewhere – so long as you do not oppose him – he will leave you alone. The Christian Bible says “He that is not with me is against me” (Matthew 12:30 (KJV)) – Satan is not like that at all. To Satan, you are either for him, or you are against him, or you are neither. If you are against him, he will seek to neutralise the threat that you pose to his plans. If you are for him, he will do what he can to assist you. If you are neither, then unless he has some particular need to do otherwise, he will ignore you, and leave you well alone, providing neither help nor hindrance.

I think worshipping Satan’s demons is a great idea. I don’t see this as being incompatible with having Satan as my only God, since it is clear in that worship that I am worshipping Satan through those demons. One could talk about different levels of worship – and say that the worship one gives Satan is a higher level of “worship” than that one gives his demons – or one could simply dismiss such theological speculations as a waste of time.

Although Satan is my God, I do not claim him to be the “ultimate God”, if there even is one. Satan is not all-powerful, all-knowing, everlasting, and so forth. He is very powerful, but not all-powerful; he is a repository of much wisdom that he desires to teach us, but he is not omniscient; although he is very ancient, he has not always existed, and maybe one day he will fade away. But here, Satan is honest where the Christian god is a liar – the Christian god claims to be all these things, yet is not; Satan is honest about his own nature. The Christian god is self-deluded and as a result deludes its own followers. Satan knows his true self, and he does not pretend to be something he is not.

If an “ultimate God” exists at all, I will say that it would be very remote from our human concerns, and we have no reason at present to be concerned with it, or for it to be concerned with us. Maybe, many centuries or millennia from now, humanity will have evolved to the point that we might catch a glimpse of this “God”, if it even exists – but at the present time, the question of its existence is unknown, unknowable, and irrelevant. If humanity ever grows in wisdom and power to the point that such a question becomes relevant, I believe that would be most likely to come about through the plan of Satan for the betterment of humanity.

Satan and his tribe represent only one tribe of many tribes of spirits. Some of these tribes are political, others are religious, and so forth. Satan does not necessarily have anything against these other tribes. Some of them he is friendly with or allied with; others he has no particular interest in, although he still may use them from time to time if it be fitting for his plans. But some spirit tribes, Satan hates. In particular, Satan is a sworn enemy of the Christian god, and seeks to do whatever he can to destroy Christianity. He does not hate Christians as individuals – he sees them as what they are, deluded victims of the Christian god. He knows that a few among them will in time become his followers. The greater number of them never shall; yet still, he will do whatever he can to lead away from Christianity, to something less offensive to him. Fundamentalist and conservative Christianity he especially despises; he sees liberal Christianity as the lesser of two evils, and a useful way-station on the way out of Christianity.

Satan wants to establish a new aristocracy composed of his followers. This new aristocracy will not seek to brutally exploit the masses; it will find a proper balance between the betterment of the masses and the betterment of its own members – it promises good things to the many, and even better things to the few; it is always looking for those among the masses who have the potential to become more than they are. The new aristocracy is open to anyone who desires with true earnestness to become worthy of being a member of it. Satan does not hate the masses, but neither does he love them; he seeks to use them as part of his plan, but his plan is a generous one, in which even the masses will benefit, although not to the same degree as his followers will.

My basic beliefs

This is what I believe, the basics of my “version” of Satanism. No one else need believe as I do. If my ideas are useful to you, feel free to claim them as your own; if they are of no use to you, feel free to disregard them completely. I’m not particularly interested in getting into debates or arguments about whether my beliefs are right or not. I have wasted a lot of time on the Internet arguing with people, and have come to realise that the vast majority of people on the Internet are irrational fools, and even if you have the best argument in the world, few will be convinced. So I’ve promised myself I will try not to do that anymore.

I believe there is a spiritual aspect to reality, separate from matter. I am not a materialist. I have learnt that philosophical speculation about the relationship between the material and spiritual is not a fruitful use of my time. I believe that spirits exist, in immense number.

All human belief systems – political, religious, cultural, etc. – have their associated spirits, or more accurately families, groups, clans, tribes, alliances of spirits. These spirits empower these belief systems, and in turn are empowered by them. The fate of a belief system is entwined with its associated spirit tribe. Spirits, while they can endure for centuries or millennia, are not inherently immortal – if a belief system dies, the spirits behind it will die too. Let us take Christianity as an example – it is controlled by a collection of spirits. These spirits dwell in and possess the souls of Christians, and they gain power from the followers of Christianity. These spirits came into being when Christianity began; and if one day Christianity dies out, these spirits will die out too.

Not all spirits in spirit tribes are equal. Some are leaders and others are followers. When people worship “gods”, what they are actually worshipping is a lead spirit of that spirit tribe. So when Christians worship “God”, they are worshipping a lead spirit of the “Christian” spirit tribe – or a small collection of such spirits, who go by names such as “Father”, “Son”, “Holy Spirit”, “Blessed Virgin Mary” (if you are Catholic).

Satanism then, is another spirit tribe. These spirits are demons. For me, becoming a Satanist is welcoming these demons into my soul, to possess me, to indwell me, to make of me their home. Satan is their leader, and by inviting them into me, he becomes my leader too. Being possessed by demons is not about being enslaved by them or by Satan. If you welcome them into yourself, they do not control you like a mindless automaton. They become guides, companions, influences, but not slave-drivers.

Satan does not seek slaves as followers; he seeks people capable of thinking for themselves. He is here to help us. Why? Satan wants his children to form a new aristocracy upon the earth. Unlike on the aristocracies of old, which were based on blood, his new aristocracy is based purely upon willingness to mould one’s self to become worthy.

Why have I decided now to follow Satanism rather than some other spirit tribe? Well, my background is in Christianity – but I discovered that Christianity is spiritually powerless and disempowering, filled with idiocy and hypocrisy and narrow-mindedness. Actually, I’ve known this in my heart for many years, but like a battered wife, I kept on coming back for more. Well, fuck that. I’m better than that. This is a reflection of the spirits that control Christianity – they are deluded, foolish and angry. They damage their followers, not out of pure maliciousness, but simply due to their own idiocy.

I’ve also tried atheism, humanism, and they do not meet my needs. They might lack the foolishness of Christianity, but I also feel they lack any spiritual power. I need a source of spiritual power to recharge and ground myself. And I have dabbled a bit in Buddhism and Wicca too – I have some good things to say about both of them, but in the end neither could satisfy me.

Satanism is joyous. Satan wants his followers to become creatures of nobility, the new aristocrats. He will accept as a follower anyone truly willing to devote themselves to this task.


About me: I have recently decided to enter into Satanism. This blog is a record of my journey. My journey begins today, 22 March 2013.

What kind of Satanist do I plan to become?
Solitary: I am a member of no group, and I have no immediate plans to join any of them. I’ve got nothing in principle against groups, I just don’t feel any of them are right for me at the moment; I reserve the right to change my mind about this at any time.

Eclectic: I’m not committed to any single school or tradition in Satanism. I’m happy to take what is useful from any and all. My inclinations are closer to Traditional Satanism than Modern Satanism, but I am happy to take what is useful from Modern Satanists too, and more broadly, all left-hand paths: Luciferianism, demonolatry, etc.

Non-evangelical: I’m not interested in recruiting others to become Satanists. If that’s your game, go ahead, best of luck to you, but it is not mine. I am interested in conversing with like-minded individuals, for our mutual benefit, but I feel no need to convince them that my version of Satanism is correct and that theirs is wrong. To each their own.

Private: I have not told my friends and family about my beliefs. While I reserve my right to change my mind about this, I do not see any benefit to me in doing so. I am doing this for my own benefit; no one else needs to know about it. They have no need to know, and telling them will not achieve anything useful.

Provisional: I have decided to try Satanism because everything else I have tried has not worked out, and I have reason to believe that unlike the others, this will work. But I am not committed to remaining a Satanist forever. I will continue in Satanism as long as it seems useful to me; if I ever find it is no longer of benefit to me, I will let it go.

For Satan and for I: I am not doing this for anyone else’s benefit. I am only maintaining this blog for myself and for Satan. I feel that publishing it to the world, even if only pseudonymously, I am declaring to myself and to Satan my devotion to the Satanic path. If any one else benefits from reading this, that is not the goal, merely a pleasant bonus.